Predictive Solutions for Operations and Facilities

Early Warning System for
Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

The effective and efficient operation of your plant is critical.

Are you still using a one-sized fits all approach to asset maintenance? Our sensor-to-app predictive analytics system powers industrial facilities to world-class levels of operational effectiveness and efficiency. Maintenance custom-tailored to the unique characteristics of individual machines improves uptime, eliminates excess maintenance cost, increases asset life and reduces energy consumption.

Optimizing Uptime, Cost & Machine Life

Increased Uptime
Reduced Maintenance Cost
Increased Asset Lifetime
Demonstrated ROI

We Like Being Different

Existing approaches overwhelm you with raw data. Or provide no visibility to your machine health. Supercharge your maintenance team with early defect visibility. Know before symptoms arise.

Vie Technologies Feature Comparison Chart

How it Works

Our end-to-end solution puts the power of prediction into the palm of your hand.  Forget about hiring data scientists or the need to become an AI guru, we did the hard engineering work so you can focus on your operation.  No experts needed.


Ruggedized vibration and temperature sensor

Install in less than 15 minutes

10 year battery life


End-to-end wireless connectivity

Industrial grade security

No IT integration needed


24×7 assessment & prognosis

Problems and causes reported even before symptoms arise

Patented science-based AI algorithms


Intuitive app delivers what you need to know before needing to take action.

Deep data drill-down for vibration pros

Unique collaboration tools foster improved teamwork

Achieve your stretch goals, across the entire operation

  • Generators

  • Pumps

  • Compressors

  • Motors

  • Fans

  • Cooling Towers

  • CRAC Units

  • Rotating UPS

  • Rotating Battery Systems


Easy... Every Step of the Way

You know that feeling when you use something, and it just works? From your first 15-minute install to managing thousands of assets, we’ve crafted the experience to be simple, intuitive and almost effortless.

Your Trusted Partner

We understand that adopting a predictive maintenance approach is a journey. Your team is at the center. And so, we’ve designed the VIE solution to enhance awareness and to facilitate collaboration.

Equally important, we’ve wrapped it with a support system unlike any other. VIE is alongside you each step of the way.

Everyone Talks About Prediction

Predictive maintenance is a hot topic. And for good reason. A lot of marketing claims are being made, not all of which survive first contact with reality.

We’ve come up with 4 questions to ask any solution provider (including us!) when considering a predictive maintenance solution.