Succeeding Together.

VIE has created a game-changing solution for industrial operations and facilities. We also know there’s a world of industrial partners who can help get this in the hands of companies looking to drive change. We want to work with you.

Much more than just a digital tool

At the core, it’s about growing and deepening customer relationships. Visibility-as-a-Service means new and more meaningful ways to connect with customers.

Maintenance Service Providers

You understand how important reliability and uptime is to your customer. VIE can optimize and even transform your business – delivering better service more effectively – while helping to delight your customer in the process.

  • Site inspection visits only when needed
  • Allocate limited technician resources more effectively
  • Reduce effort on difficult and dangerous inspection
  • Improve customer confidence with always-on awareness and proactive support

Distributors and Integrators

Trusted advice and on-the-ground service are the core of your business. Together, we can amplify these values and secure your leadership position with existing and new customers.

How? By offering a unique, proven Industry 4.0 solution that advances how your customers manage machine reliability, uptime and performance.

Equipment OEMs

Partner with VIE to help build your next generation of smart machine and upgrade your installed base. Your machines will operate more efficiently, perform better and provide critical operator visibility. Additional benefits include:

  • Develop a richer, ongoing relationship with your customer
  • Launch a new, value-added service & support line of business
  • Differentiate and future-proof your product lines
  • Gain valuable insights into your machine’s operation under real-world conditions