Helping Teams Manage
The Maintenance Lifecycle

Advanced technology is meaningless if it is piecemeal and difficult to adopt.  We decided early on that providing an end-to-end solution was the right way to deliver value to our customers.

Guiding Maintenance for

Predictability of your transformer health reduces unexpected failures, improves sustainability, and unlocks capacity. It improves supply chain, lowers backup generation expenses, reduces truck rolls, lowers fire risks, and improves safety.

Some of what we detect and track

looseness, deformation, insulation loss, short circuit

looseness, deformation

Load Conditions
excess load, DC bias, power factor decrease, high current harmonics

Guiding Maintenance for
Rotating Machinery

You expect your rotating equipment to be available, efficient, and reliable. We deliver continuous high value visibility into your machine’s health. It improves your production capacity, reduces unplanned downtime, improves safety, and minimizes maintenance fire drills.

Some of what we detect and track

bearing, gear, vane/blade

shaft, belt, coupling, pulley

static, dynamic, coupling

rotating, structural, soft foot

Transform your operation. No data scientists needed.

Our end-to-end solution puts machine visibility into the palm of your hand. We did the hard engineering work so you can focus on improving your operation.






Be in the know. The backbone of the system, our app puts key information into the palm of your hand.

Intuitive access. Social media-like feed means easy access to updates from both team members and machines.

Streamline workflow. Unique collaboration features facilitate communication and information sharing between team members, service providers and stakeholders.

VIE Sensors

  • Precision, triaxial vibration and temperature sensor
  • Smallest sensor in the industry: 2”(d) x 1”(h)
  • Ruggedized: IP69K, ATEX Zone 0 / Zone 20, -40oC to +80oC
  • 15-minute, alignment-agnostic, mounting
  • Secure and resilient wireless communications
  • 10-year battery life

VIE Gateway

The VIE gateway mounts easily on walls, panels or ceilings. Each covers up to 100 sensors and supports auto-failover. Backhaul is via cellular service, included

Easy Mounting

Up to 100 Sensors

Cellular Backhaul

VIE Cloud

Our agnostic cloud processing and storage takes full advantage of the well-known reliability, redundancy and security that the cloud provides. Your account information is siloed from others and remains private – never shared.

Cloud Service