Making it All Happen
With Advanced Tech

Collaborative Sensor Learning™

Analyzing data from each sensor separately assumes that the point at which the sensor is attached to exists in isolation. Our virtual specialist analyzes the whole equipment through a unique collaboration among the multiple sensors on the machine. Each sensor becomes aware of its neighborhood so you get clear and deep insights into your equipment that point-by-point analysis cannot deliver.

Science-based AI™

We understand reliability science – all 80 years of it. And we understand the power of artificial intelligence. At VIE, we have combined the best of both.

For each machine, we learn what “normal” looks like across a massive combination of more than 16 different vibration characteristics. Tried and true reliability methods help to assess the meaning of changes to those signatures. Feedback from your maintenance team, over time, creates a virtuous cycle, further improving accuracy.

In all, we provide the earliest and most accurate, defect visibility solution in the market.

Dynamic Learning at the Edge

Many AI solutions run entirely in the cloud. But transmitting huge volumes of raw data doesn’t scale. Wireless capacity has limits and batteries obviously don’t last forever.

To enable true scalability, VIE has developed a patented approach to dynamically process data and learn on the sensor itself. By reducing the amount of data transmitted, costs are kept in check and battery life is dramatically extended.